A Thank You to Guilds

G4 Kegs | February 15, 2021

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As we enter the second month of 2021, we’re reflecting on the extraordinary and chaotic events of last year. With luck and a little hope, we won’t face those kinds of challenges again… however, we’d like to acknowledge the organizations that supported our industry during such a tumultuous time.

In the interest of starting the year on a positive note, we’re extending a thank you to all state brewers guilds and industry associations by offering a special for all members on your next order.

Why Guilds & Associations are Important

Brewers guilds and craft beverage associations provide an effective, united voice for protecting and promoting the interests of craft beverage producers in their region and industry. They stand at the front lines of a powerful and organized movement to successfully promote, implement, protect, and maintain policies (such as licensing, regulations, taxes, etc.) at the state and national levels.

Whether promoting local beer or advocating for favorable laws and lower excise tax rates, the collective voice of a guild can speak louder than that of individual businesses alone. Joining a local guild or association supports important business and community relationships.

Now More Than Ever

Of course, these services have become critical in the rapidly changing business environment that began in early 2020. Brewers have had to become agile as they responded to new challenges, fluctuating regulations, and an uncertain future.

From SBA loans to socially distanced dining, local guilds have become a precious resource to brewers of all sizes. Some have even turned to guilds for guidance on revolutionary business ideas like using brewing equipment for hand sanitizer production. These critical organizations have become instrumental in brewers’ ability to carry out normal operations in unprecedented circumstances.

Paradoxically, however, this has also been a tough time for guilds across the country. With events largely cancelled and some members unable to pay their dues, many state guilds are running bare bones operations — even as they continue to be an advocate for brewers.

How G4 is Doing Our Part

We take our role as your keg consultant seriously, which is why we're invested in the communities we serve. In addition to individual state guilds, we’re members of the Brewers Association to support the industry coast to coast. Whether you're a cidery in Washington or a microbrewery in the Florida Everglades, G4 Kegs is proud to be an active member of the craft brewing community nationwide.

To extend our support to organizations we’re not a part of, we’re also proud to offer discounts for guild members to show our support through your support. If you're a member of any of the state guilds that we are, let us know! We commonly offer special pricing when we exhibit at their trade shows. Simply mention it to your Keg Consultant or note it in the comments section of your next quote request. Thank you for helping us sustain these critical local resources.

2020 was a year full of lessons learned, and hopefully we won’t need to use those lessons again anytime soon. But in the meantime, we raise our glasses to those who have kept our industry afloat. Cheers to you.