Our Favorite Customer Names

G4 Kegs | March 16, 2019

At G4 Kegs, we serve clients across the world – and they come in all shapes, sizes, and industries. So, we come across our fare share of company names. Many are functional and descriptive, but others take creativity to a whole new level. For fun, we’ve compiled some of our favorites we’ve come across over the years. Enjoy!


Ass Clown Brewing

Located in Cornelius, North Carolina, Ass Clown takes the cake for the most unique name on our customer lineup. And that’s intentional – founder Matt Glidden came up with the name after many beer festivals, after which it was hard to remember the beers that stood out to him. He wanted to give festival attendees (and any potential customers) a name that would stick with them. And it worked! As they say on their website, “Drink one, don’t be one.”


Timbukbrü was founded by six good friends. They brainstormed for hours to come up with a company name, before one owner, Alan Hagie, submitted Timbukbrü as an option. And it has turned heads! According to them, there are two things customers often remark when visiting the brewery for the first time: "The first is, 'What's the lightest thing you got?' and the second is, 'That's the coolest name ever.'"

Scuttlebutt Brewing

Located in Everett, Washington, Scuttlebutt is named for its co-founder, Cynthia Bannan. When Cynthia was born, her parents lived on the Norfolk Naval Station – and when news got out that the family was going to have another baby, the gossip was the talk of the town. So, Cynthia’s father nicknamed her Scuttlebutt - and years later, her husband named the brewery after her "to get her out of 30 years of retirement."

Great Sex Brewing

Great Sex Brewing is right in our neck of the woods – so you might say Portland is “the home of Great Sex.” The company was founded in Redding, CA but has made quite a name for itself up North. Located in Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood, the company also sells red-lip-emblazoned novelties and apparel, so that customers can walk around with stickers that read “I’d rather be having Great Sex.”

Big Ugly Brewing

Big Ugly was the first brewery in Chesapeake, VA - and has deep garage roots due to founders Jim Lantry and Shawn Childers' collection of vintage vehicles. One such vehicle, Shawn's 1955 Chevy panel truck, was nicknamed "Big Ugly" - which then became the namesake for their budding business.

Ogopogo Brewing

Try saying that ten times fast! Located in San Gabriel, CA, this company name is more than just phonetically satisfying - it's also a palindrome (a word that is identical whether spelled forward or backward). Founders Ryan Edell and Jason De La Torre named it after a mythical Canadian sea serpent.

Fermensch Kombucha

This fun play on words comes from founder Chad Huniu, who grew up in a Jewish family. Mensch is a Yiddish word which means "nice guy," and in German, it simply means "man" or "human." Put that together with the word "ferment" as a nod to their kombucha-making process, and you've got yourself a name!

Ninja Moose Brewing

Unfortunately, this name is no more – since Ninja Moose is now Levi Garrison & Sons Country Brewery. But we’re including them anyway: The brewery’s original name was inspired by a moment when owner Scott Falke misread "Nina Moose Lake" on a map during a canoe and fishing trip with his family in Minnesota. While filing paperwork for the business, the idea popped back into his head.