Kegging 101: How To Make Hard Seltzer Using A Keg

G4 Kegs | April 16, 2024

What is Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzer is a combination of carbonated water and alcohol, infused with a range of enticing flavors. The alcohol content in hard seltzer typically comes from fermented cane sugar or malts, giving it a subtle yet satisfying kick, often with an average minimal alcohol content of 5% to 6%. This makes it particularly appealing to those who prefer gluten-free options or are mindful of their alcohol intake. With a variety of flavors available, ranging from fruity to citrusy to herbal, there’s something to suit every palate.

One of the most exciting aspects of hard seltzer is its versatility. Both home brewers and established beverage companies have embraced the trend, experimenting with different flavor combinations and brewing techniques to create unique and delicious concoctions.

3 Steps to Make Hard Seltzer at Home

Whether it’s a small batch brewed in a backyard setup or a carefully crafted recipe from a renowned brewery, the possibilities for innovation are endless. Looking to try your hand at homemade hard seltzer? Great news, it’s easy and affordable!

Three steps to make hard seltzer: gather supplies, brew your beverage, carbonate your seltzer.

1. Gather Supplies

Hard seltzer is comprised of five natural ingredients, readily available between your grocery and local brewing supply store:

  • Distilled or filtered water
  • Yeast
  • Yeast nutrient
  • Fermentable sugar
  • Flavoring

2. Brew Your Beverage

Once you get your ingredients together, “brewing” your home hard seltzer is pretty straightforward. 

  • Sanitize your fermentation container to ensure it is free of any contaminants.
  • Create your “brew” by boiling your fermentable sugars, flavoring, and water for about 10 minutes.
  • Cool your “sugar water” and transfer the liquid into your fermentation container. Pitch your yeast and wait about a week for your sugar water to turn into alcohol.
  • Once the magic of fermentation is complete, transfer your sugar water into a sanitized stainless steel keg and get ready to carbonate.

3. Carbonate Your Seltzer

Now is the time to make some delicious hard seltzer with your stainless steel keg equipment.

  • Set your keg pressure to 35-45 psi 
  • Let your bubbly drink hang out for a few days to carbonate fully
  • Drink and enjoy!

Fast Tip: Don’t have time to take all the steps to ferment a traditional hard seltzer? Our friends and G4 Keg Alliance partner at Coldbreak show you how easy it is to make standard flavored seltzer water so you can mix in hard alcohol to your preference.

Add Hard Seltzer on Draft At Your Business

The hard seltzer market is currently valued at $18.97 billion and is expected to grow at a 14.9% rate between 2024 and 2030. Breweries and businesses can capitalize on this hot trend by making low-alcohol seltzer in-house, using their pre-existing keg equipment and ingredients. 

Brewers already stock the necessary equipment for kegging, such as stainless steel kegs, CO2 tanks, and draft lines. As a business owner, you can utilize your existing equipment, which optimizes resources for hard seltzer production and drafts. Plus, making hard seltzer in-house means controlling costs and introducing innovative flavors to keep up with customer demand.

The hard seltzer market is valued at $18.97 billion and is expected to grow at a 14.9% rate between 2024 and 2030.

Enhance Cocktails with Hard Seltzer 

Customers love a surprising twist with their cocktail options, so crafting signature drinks blending house-made hard seltzer with spirits is a great way to increase your check average. Why not top a traditional margarita with a splash of mango seltzer for a fruity kick? A touch of ginger hard seltzer with a Dark and Stormy makes for a moody and spicy flavor profile.

Keeping it simple is also smart. Introduce vodka to your hard seltzer keg, as Coldbreak recommends, to keep your cocktail clean-tasting, bubbly, and craveable.

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