G4 Has Kegs in Stock!

G4 Kegs | March 17, 2022

As the global supply chain continues to be the top news story, our commitment has been to keep you apprised on the impacts to your business. Like you, G4 has not been immune to these industry-wide challenges. Thankfully, our efforts over the past four years are enabling us to combat them. We’re excited to report that we have kegs in stock at our warehouses across the country.

Our Work Behind the Scenes

Since 2018, we have invested energy and resources in our manufacturer and third-party logistics partners. Over the past two years, this hard work has paid off in our ability to respond to market shifts creatively and swiftly. Here are some of the measures we’ve taken to keep our inventories healthy:

  • Diversifying manufacturer partnerships around the globe to help to mitigate the risks associated with doing business internationally.
  • Paying premium cargo rates so that our product is prioritized and loaded onto boats quickly.
  • Managing our cost structure so our customers bear as little of this burden as possible, and phasing price increases so you have more time to take advantage of lower rates.

In the spirit of that commitment, please note that our keg prices will be increasing on March 30th, and then again in May. Why the phased increase? To give you more time to plan and place your order. If you anticipate any upcoming keg needs, we encourage you to place your order as soon as possible. Other ways to keep costs down:

  • When possible, order in full pallet quantities to reduce shipping costs.
  • Take advantage of our ongoing specials for veterans and state guild members.
  • Explore keg leasing to maximize near-term cash flow.

Thank you for your continued partnership during what has turned out to be a truly unique time for all of us (and more importantly, for still giving the world an excuse to raise a glass).