Creative Ways to “Upcycle” Old Kegs

G4 Kegs | October 20, 2023

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If you’ve only ever purchased from G4 Kegs, you probably don’t have many kegs that need upgrading – since ours are designed to last decades. But, if you do have some old, unusable kegs lying around, there are a number of unique ways you can give them a new lease on life. Here’s a collection of weird and wonderful ways to transform the humble keg.

And, while we wouldn’t recommend buying our kegs brand new just to turn them into a fun end table, if you are in the market to upgrade your fleet, request a quote, and we’ll take care of you!

But! If you are looking to repurpose kegs into a unique piece of art, furniture, or grill, and you don’t want to sacrifice a brand new keg, contact us to inquire about our inventory of used (and still functional) kegs that’ll save you a few bucks!

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Paint Canvases

Strathcona Beer Company, in Vancouver, British Columbia paint their kegs, and use them as decorative accents around their taproom. Yeah, we can add custom branding like screen printing and wraps to your kegs, but c’mon-these are pretty sharp.

Painted half barrel in Strathcona.(Photo Credit: Jason Ley)

Painted sixtel at Strathcona Beer Company.(Photo Credit: Jason Ley)

Art Installations

Whether you paint them (like above) or arrange them in a creative pattern, they can transform an otherwise boring or dead space into an attractive taproom feature that doubles as a photogenic backdrop, like this one shown below, from Tap & Barrel – Bridges, on Granville Island, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tap & Barrel Bridges in Vancouver, British Columbia using empty kegs as a wall display.(Photo Credit: Jason Ley)

Bike Racks

Riding your bike to your favorite local brewery pretty much initiates you into craft culture, and earns you bonus points with Mother Earth.

Kegs used as bike rack.(Photo Credit: Unknown)

Garbage Cans

Odell Brewing Company, of Fort Collins, Colorado, has worked to improve their community and our planet since they opened in 1989. Honoring their Brewed to Make a Difference impact initiatives, they’ve upcycled their kegs at their taproom into recycling bins and garbage cans.

Odell Brewing Co using empty kegs as garbage cans.(Photo Credit: Jason Ley)

Bar Stools

Your customers need a place to sit when they belly-up to the bar, so why not on a container that once held their beer before they did? Kegs converted into bar stools are a trendy addition to any bar.

Empty kegs as bar stools at Craft & Growler.
(Photo Credit: Zombiecorp via Gallivant)


Talk about giving kegs new life! If you’re looking to spruce up your taproom entryway or outdoor beer garden, fill ’em with flowers for a beautiful display.

Empty kegs made into planters.(Photo Credit)

Water Fountain

Convert empty kegs into an on-brand, inviting water feature at your entrance or in your beer garden, like our client, Granite City Food & Brewery. Collect enough pennies, and it’ll pay for itself!

Water fountain feature made from a beer leg from Granite City.
(Photo Credit: Granite City Food & Brewery)


For a quick and easy end table for a low-profile taproom or patio furniture, fit a piece of glass-or even a wooden barrel top-on top of an old keg and voila!

Empty beer keg as table with glass top.
(Photo Credit)


If you’re feeling adventurous, with the right equipment kegs can even be transformed into cooking appliances. Enjoy a cold one while feasting on a slab of meat!

(Photo Credit)

Taproom Lights

The reflective nature of stainless steel kegs makes them a perfect candidate for dramatic lighting. Hang them from the ceiling for a unique fixture.

Kegs turned into lights at Freehouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota.(Photo Credit)

Pizza Ovens

Homemade pizza oven built out of a keg? Yes, please! Grab a slice out of this example from our client, NorCal Brewing Solutions.

(Photo Credit)

Fire Pits

If you’re not baking pizza in one (see Pizza Oven, above), you can convert an empty keg into an urban fire pit or s’mores factory. Get roasted, stay cozy!

Empty beer keg as fire pit stove.
(Photo Credit)

Bathroom Fixtures

We’re not crazy about thinking of our kegs this way (specifically, urinating in one), but when thoughtfully designed and well constructed, they give new meaning to the term, “watering hole”. Definitely a conversation piece!

Empty beer kegs used as a bathroom fixtures, sink, mirror, and urinal.
(Photo Credit)

Yeast Brinks

For the beer industry pros out there, assuming your keg is cleaned and sanitized, and if you’ve got a line on a trusted welder, you could retrofit it with the necessary hookups to convert it into a yeast brink or CIP reservoir. If you’re in need of a yeast brink, but don’t have the means to construct one yourself, we recommend contacting Cascade Stainless Solutions, one of our G4 Kegs Alliance partners.

A cascade stainless yeast brink.
(Photo Credit: Cascade Stainless Solutions)

However you use your old kegs, they’re a great way to show your commitment to quality draft beverages (minus the whole urinal concept) even outside the tasting room.

Want to see more ideas for how to repurpose or upcycle empty beer kegs that are no longer in use? Check out our Pinterest Board.

If you are interested in learning more about keg branding, give us a shout by reaching out to one of our keg consultants.