How G4 Supports Clients in Uncertain Times

G4 Kegs | March 18, 2020

You don't need us to tell you that these are tough times for the craft beverage industry. Here's what G4 is doing to support the community, continue to serve our customers, and help you weather the storm:

Working Safe

G4's office staff in Oregon is working at home for the time being. Our warehouse staff at all four locations is stepping up sanitation efforts and taking all necessary precautions to safely continue order production and fulfillment.

We are also temporarily stopping customer pickup's from all four of our warehouses. Please contact your Keg Consultant if you were planning a customer pickup.

One Thing is Certain

If you need kegs, we will be able to get them to you. Our supply chain and production have not been impacted and we do not anticipate delays or lapses in service.

All four of our warehouses across the U.S. are fully stocked. We will continue to rely on our deep inventory and wide network to get our customers kegs.

Order Flexibility

We are working with customers on unique solutions to these unprecedented circumstances. If you are concerned about your ability to pay for or receive an existing order, please contact your Keg Consultant.

Super Sale and Price Lock

In lieu of our regular trade show and CBC specials, G4 Kegs is offering a super sale until May 31st. Additionally, we will guarantee the keg sale price for 90 days. Learn more about this super sale here.

Helpful Tools

We're looking for silver linings anywhere we can. If you find yourself with some extra time, we invite you to use it for those projects you may have been putting off. Now is a great time for keg fleet maintenance, planning your keg needs, and learning about keg leasing. If you just need a good laugh, check out G4's favorite customer names.