The Benefits of Serving Draft Beer To Customers

G4 Kegs | April 2, 2024

Who doesn’t love a perfect pour of crisp beer? Beer lovers and novices alike expect Beer Clean,  proper glassware, an aromatic head, and a smooth finish from a draft pour. If you’re new to kegged beer, looking to enhance your business’s profit margins, or eager to diversify your tap selection, we’ve got you covered with all the advantages of serving draft beer on tap.

5 Benefits of Drafts for Your Bar or Restaurant

Serving draft beer provides a variety of benefits to your customers and bottom line. From fresher flavor to sustainability, pricing flexibility, and more, you’ll love these rewards draft beer offers.

1. Freshness

True beer drinkers relish the delicate balance of grains, aromatics, and mouthfeel, unique to each brewery and beer style. The beer poured directly from a keg provides the freshest liquid, letting flavor profiles shine through. Beer that has been sitting in a bottle or can for extended periods of time or exposed to inconsistent temperatures and light exposure can lose freshness and produce that dreaded “skunky” flavor.

When your brew is fresh-tasting, you enhance your customer experience, which can turn a first-timer into a seasoned regular, increasing revenue and word-of-mouth.

2. Variety

More and more customers want to try new flavors in their beer. Draft beer enables operators to provide a diverse tap list without investing in an additional walk-in fridge. Stacking kegs, for example, can help business owners maximize their offerings and space.

3. More Pour Size Options 

Bottles and cans come in standard sizes, often 12 oz to 16 oz containers, which aren’t suitable for small-volume enjoyment. Kegs, on the other hand, open up your beer menu to a variety of portion possibilities.

  • If customers want to try a new IPA, bartenders can offer a sample to help them choose their perfect pint.
  • Bars, breweries, and restaurants can capitalize on beer-tasting menus, where guests can choose a sample flight to try new products.
  • Not everyone wants a full pint, so giving the option of 8 oz, 10 oz, and 16 oz pours lets every customer tailor their drinking experience.
  • Pitchers are great for large groups, and kegs help make them possible. 

4. Enhanced Profits Margins 

Kegs can give owners and operators more bang for their beer buck. Draft beer comes at a set price per keg instead of per drink, allowing for pricing flexibility. For example, ½-barrel kegs supply 130 to 140 16 oz pints. As an operator, you can choose to value your pours at a competitive price point for your area that still helps you to turn a profit.

5. Sustainability 

78% of consumers consider living a sustainable lifestyle important. Promoting sustainable practices in your company can go a long way in driving customer loyalty. Kegs are reusable, refillable, and produce less waste than individual bottles and cans, making them a great sustainable choice.

Benefits of drafts for your bar or restaurant: freshness, variety, pour size options, profits, sustainability.

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