Custom-Wrapped Mini Kegs for Angry Orchard

G4 Kegs | October 25, 2022

Angry Orchard Hard Cider launches limited-edition mini kegs for Halloween.

G4 Kegs Partners with Angry Orchard to Launch Limited-Edition Mini Kegs for Halloween

Angry Orchard’s recent press release let the black cat out of the bag about the custom-wrapped kegs we produced for them for a Halloween-themed promotion.

When Angry Orchard’s advertising and PR agency discovered that one of our competitor’s couldn’t achieve their client’s vision in terms of preferred packaged format or design capabilities, they called us to come in for this spooky save.

To satiate the appetite of their blood-thirsty—scratch that—their hard cider-thirsty fans during their busiest season, Angry Orchard sought a creative, innovative approach for distributing one of their brands, Albany Post. For the first time in “mini-keg” format, G4’s 2-gallon growleresque keg, “The Greg” was used as the literal vessel to deliver one of their popular hard ciders nationwide that’s usually only available local to their Walden, NY ciderhouse.

Max Shepanek, G4’s co-owner and operations director, collaborated with a graphic design house to custom-wrap a limited edition run of Gregs in a 360-degree, weather and water-resistant vinyl application. Angry Orchard also needed a solution to ensure that their enthusiasts who were eager to bring home a Greg full of Albany Post had all the necessary components to enjoy and access the liquid wherever they are. Max answered their call by partnering with our industry allies to include a spear removal tool and cap for easy, subsequent fills at customers’ favorite local growler fill station, and a party pump for tapping the Greg. 

Angry Orchard’s agency applauded, “Max was so great to work with! He was patient considering the tight timeline, and accommodated all the intricacies of the client’s vision. G4 was instrumental in this project’s success because they activated a turnkey solution for Angry Orchard and provided their customers with everything they need straight out of the box. The client’s thrilled!”