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Proclamation Ale

From a home-grown operation to a community staple

square foot facility
week turnaround
The Challenge

Like many breweries, Proclamation Ale has humble origins — founded by a lover of home brewing in a basement in 2014. But unlike most breweries, that basement operation quickly evolved to a bigger vision: not only did they want to sell delicious beer, they also wanted to provide a unique tasting room experience for the local community to come together and enjoy. That meant rapid expansion… and their keg fleet quickly needed to catch up.

“Our original facility was about 1,500 square feet, and we moved to a facility that’s 15,000 square feet. Before that, we had a mixed bag of used kegs we had purchased over the years, with very simple branded stickers. When we moved to the new place, we wanted to upgrade to something a little more professional.”

– Chris Deion
Logistics Coordinator, Proclamation Ale
The Solution

In light of this keg fleet overhaul, Proclamation took advantage of G4’s keg decoration options — lending a more professional feel to their brand. As a result, the company has continued to grow into their larger facility with increased demand.

But of course, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Like most businesses, Proclamation had to pivot quickly during the pandemic — and G4 partnered with them to find solutions that would help the brewery live to fight another day.

“My last order was right before COVID happened. The kegs showed up literally a week before everything shut down. G4 was willing to work with us even at a time when they knew the writing was on the wall for them too. They were still willing to take back all the kegs that they had shipped, with no restocking fee. And because they knew we were taking a hit, they spread out our payment terms to installments over 3 months. It may not sound like a lot, but at a time when we didn’t know what would happen, it was super helpful.”

The Results

With 2020 behind us, Proclamation’s sales have increased again, and they’re back to growing their keg fleet with G4. We’re excited to be a part of their continued growth!

“We chose G4 ultimately for the price and the quality of the product — but customer service is on point, which for me has been a huge godsend. In this industry, you get a lot of people who say they want to work with you and as soon as you place an order, they go dark. But G4 has been awesome. And because I’m able to get kegs from them on such short notice, it really helps streamline sales and distribution as the market changes and as demand goes up.”

Proclamation elevated their branding with our keg decoration options. Ready to elevate yours?

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