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Other Half Brewing Co.

Helping the keg fleet keep pace with a rapidly-growing company

Year Partnership
Day Turnarounds
The Challenge

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Other Half Brewing is growing — and fast. They recently opened a location in Rochester, and another in Washington, DC. And they’re not stopping there. With more growth on the horizon, they needed a partner who would answer quick turnaround calls and keep pace with their growing keg needs — without breaking the bank.

 “We’re in constant growing pains — always putting out fires and making sure new ones don’t occur. G4’s ability to turn around kegs in a day has been helpful for our growth. When we need kegs, G4 has them.”

– Andrew Burman
Chief Operations Officer, Other Half Brewing Co.
The Solution

Other Half came to G4 in 2014, looking for ways to grow their keg fleet while keeping costs reasonable. G4 Kegs was pleased to take on the challenge — and have now been working with the company since its inception. As any good business leader knows, cost efficiency comes not just from reducing expenses, but also from the added value of working with someone who understands the pace of your business and priorities. As Other Half has grown over the years, G4 has become their go-to keg consultant for all their growing keg needs.

“We looked at renting, buying, every other opportunity to keep the keg cost down. G4 Kegs was always the most competitive. So cost was a consideration — but also the speed at which they come, the customer service, and the ease of working with G4. I don’t have to call three different people, you just send an email and kegs are on their way.”

The Results

50% of Other Half’s product goes to distribution, and G4 has been integral in making it possible to get new kegs quickly and effectively. We look forward to continuing to work with Other Half as they grow their Northeast presence.

“The quality is great. That’s the best thing about it – G4 stands by their product. It’s nice to have a company who treats their customers as well as we treat ours.”

Our massive inventory and quick turnarounds helped Other Half grow their operation. Could it help you too?

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