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Lively Beerworks

Leasing kegs to free up capital for a startup brewery

Kegs in First Year
Orders in First Year
The Challenge

Founded in the fall of 2018, Lively Beerworks has hit the ground running. The Oklahoma City-based brewery was excited to get their new company off the ground, but (as with any new startup) capital was limited. They needed a way to grow their fleet while keeping expenses low — so as to free up cashflow for the other necessary investments in the business.

 “Kegs are an unyielding capital expense. That makes it hard in a startup — because it’s tough to plan for how many kegs you need. We needed to save some cash early on while still having high quality kegs we could trust to put into the market.”

– Patrick Lively
Founder & President, Lively Beerworks
The Solution

Lively Beerworks was able to leverage our keg leasing program to get their fleet off the ground with minimal upfront investment. Through our flexible lease terms, they now have the ability to add to their fleet quickly and easily. Moreover, we knew that for a start-up brewery, brand awareness is critical to growth — so we silk-screened their kegs with a customized color palette to match the unique Lively brand.

“We were able to do exactly what we wanted to do — the leasing program opened up cash for other things. It’s been great for us as we’re growing and getting into the market. Being able to order quickly and effectively to add to our float has been key to our growth.”

The Results

The result has been investing in cohesive, branded, professional-looking kegs that kept capital freed up for other investments. And Lively continues to be on the move, with more accounts and a greater reach every day. We can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish next!

“The customer service is second to none. Having worked with other vendors, unfortunately that’s not always the case. And dealing with kegs, it can mean the difference between growing and not growing. In order to add more accounts, you need to know your partner is there and working toward the same goals you are.”

Lively Beerworks took advantage of our flexible keg leasing program — could it be right for you, too?

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