Expert Keg Spear Repair & Rebuilds

Proactive spear inspection and repair is a good practice to extend the life of your spear and save you money. Check out our replacement spears, replacement parts, and rebuilding / refurbishing services.

Micro Matic Spear Repair and Rebuilds

Micro Matic Spear Repair & Rebuilds

As a certified Micro Matic spear rebuilding facility, G4 Kegs is pleased to service the world’s market leader of spears. Our spear services include:

  • Rebuilding
  • Replacement Spears
  • Spear Parts

Micro Matic offers a two-year warranty on all spears. If you ever encounter issues with your spears, please let us know.

Important Safety Warning

As your partner, we want to caution you around spear removal best practices. You need specialized tools from the manufacturer to remove, repair, and replace keg spears. Without them it can be dangerous and damaging to the keg, and can potentially even void some warranties. If you have any issues with your keg spears, please please contact us before attempting repair yourself.

Do not remove the keg’s valve while contents are under pressure. Before servicing, it is critical to depressurize the keg by pushing down on the valve ball with an appropriate tool. Failure to release the pressure could result in the valve becoming a projectile and seriously injuring those in the vicinity. As a precaution, we recommend never standing directly over the keg/spear while servicing it.

For more useful safety information, check out:

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