Shipping Surcharge FAQ

Why am I seeing a Shipping Surcharge on my keg quote?

As you know, this has been quite the year for our industry — and global shipping and land freight are at an all-time high. This situation isn’t unique to kegs, as many other suppliers are facing similar challenges. As always, we will continue to work through these challenges, as our top priority is getting you the kegs you need.

We’ve been slow to pass this increase along in an effort to keep costs low for our customers. Now, we’re doing so only as a last resort.

Why is the surcharge so expensive?

The recent costs for global shipping and land freight are unprecedented. A year ago today, G4 might have paid $4k to ship a container of kegs; now that number is nearing $20k.

Even still, we’re trying to lessen the burden on our customers by absorbing as much of the cost difference as possible. We are only passing on a fraction of the increase, which is how we arrived at the number you see on your quote.

When will the surcharge be removed?

Unfortunately, this situation is completely out of our control — and we’re feeling the same pain you are as we try to manage our cost structure. We’re monitoring the situation closely and will be quick to reduce or remove the surcharge as soon as freight costs stabilize. In the meantime, we remain committed to delivering the same keg quality and service you’ve come to appreciate from us.

Thank you for your continued partnership!