The New Deal

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First Conversation

  1. Strategy:
    • The G4 Way
    • Have all the information we need to generate the Quote with lowest friction for customer
      • Consultative customer
      • Transactional customer: name, full address, full amount or qty, decoration needs, shipping information
    • Goal: Guarantee the largest order at time of purchase, even if it means shipping later.
  2. Tactics:
    • Curious Questions
      • Link to Keg Calculator downloadable asset
      • Validate we’re speaking with decision-maker
      • Considering Leasing
      • Pricing Options
      • Decoration Needs (lead time for embossing queue)
  3. Call-to-Action:
    • 1-2 Quote Requests (Cash Sale and Leasing)
      • ** It’s possible that a Quote is not generated at this stage
    • When they want to make a decision; schedule next follow-up; connect with Contact via LinkedIn
  4. Next Step: Log in Zendesk

Follow-up Protocol

Follow-up #1

Within 3-days

  • Phone call preferred
  • Sample Message - Quote

Hi {First Name},

I’m reaching out to follow-up on our conversation and keg quote. G4 is here to help ensure you have your kegs by {insert date}. Please give me a call this week to answer any questions, help you make decisions and start processing your order. 


  • Sample Message – No Quote
    • Messaging that leverages known urgency or timelines

Follow-up #2

Within 7-days from Follow-up #1

  • Phone call preferred
  • Sample message - pair with new information (relevancy) recent offer, news of upcoming event, industry announcement, etc.
  • Follow-up #3 – within 7-days of Follow-up #2
  • Phone call preferred
  • Sample message – Offer to update the Quote with current offers

Zendesk Protocol – Emma

  • Tag to notate different stage for canned quote vs. customer quote

Up Next: Processing an Order