The G4 Kegs Way

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It is a “consultative approach”

  • Because we’re responsive to our clients needs, sometimes the delivery of our service can be perceived as “transactional
    • ie: A (repeat) customer knows they need a palette of 1/2-barrels. We quickly fulfill the order.

Do these terms accurately describe it?

  • responsive – outcome: we’re acutely aware of customer’s timelines, and reply to emails and calls within 24-hours
  • curious – outcome: responsiveness to both immediate and future needs
    • example – you don’t need as many kegs as you originally thought…
  • expert – outcome: clarity and re-assurance
    • example – you weren’t aware G4 offers leasing options. We even offer unbiased evaluations on competing quotes…
  • guidance – outcome: high-touch support
    • example – support from our entire team of keg enthusiasts and strategic partners
  • advocacy – outcome: we work the deal to your advantage, even if it means more work for us.
    • example – recommendation to place order next month, because of price offer
  • custom – outcome: multiple quote requests, because we don’t believe any order is one-size-fits-all

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