Keg Lease-to-Own Program

Our keg leasing partners offer alternatives to upfront capital by breaking up the total cost of your fleet into easy monthly payments. Get the kegs you need while maximizing cash flow.

G4 Kegs

Leasing-to-Own G4 Kegs

One of our core values is Go Above and Beyond. That means we’re about more than just the sale of a keg – we want to make things possible for you and your business. So we’re proud to offer flexible keg leasing solutions, so you can worry less about cash flow and get back to what really matters.

G4 Kegs leasing is powered by eLease. Because eLease is owned by a brewery owner, it is designed specifically for craft beverage businesses. G4 Kegs leasing solutions are ownership-based – which means your payments count towards owning the kegs at the end of the lease, and buyout terms are always fixed.

Keg Leasing 101

New to keg leasing? Wading through all the options, lingo, and terms involved can be a full time job. G4 Kegs has helped countless craft beverage businesses lease their kegs and we’d like to share a few things we’ve learned along the way.

Find out what you need to know before signing a deal with our free guide, Keg Leasing 101 - where we outline what to look for, ask, and avoid before signing a contract.

Benefits of Leasing Kegs

  • No Skimping Required: Get the number of kegs you need without having to compromise on cash flow.
  • Tax Benefits: You can depreciate the kegs (the asset) just as you would if you had paid cash for them.
  • Invest in Your Fleet: You own the kegs at the end of the lease. Over a keg’s 30+ year lifespan, your investment has paid for itself time and again.

Other Specifics

  • Competitively priced, flexible leasing arrangements
  • No deposits or upfront costs
  • Ownership based program with fixed buyout terms and no prepayment penalties
  • Available for both new and factory 2nd kegs
  • Customized payment schedule and 90 day first payment deferral available to enable better cash flow management
  • Lease term options ranging from 24-60 months

Learn how keg leasing can work for you.