G4 Kegs Lease-to-Own Program

Our keg leasing partners offer alternatives to upfront capital by breaking up the total cost of your fleet into easy monthly payments.

Summer is here — is your brewery prepared?

The craft brewing industry has taken an unprecedented hit, as COVID-19 has forced many businesses to close their doors or severely ramp down production. As bars, restaurants, and breweries begin reopening amidst all this uncertainty, investing in kegs could feel a little risky.

At G4 Kegs, one of our core values is Go Above and Beyond. That means we’re about more than just the sale of a keg — we want to make things possible for you and your business. We’re proud to offer flexible leasing solutions, so you can get the kegs you need while maximizing cash flow.

With leasing, you can have your kegs and fill them too.

In times of uncertainty, cash is king… and your cash may have better uses right now than kegs. Not only are you facing new expenses like cleaning supplies, sneeze protectors, and furniture for social distancing, you also need money to continue to support your production during this unique time.

Don’t put yourself in a position of deciding between investing in kegs or investing in the business. Our keg leasing program offers alternatives to upfront capital by breaking up the total cost of your fleet into easy monthly payments. That means you can “have your cake and eat it too” — get the kegs you need while also maintaining the liquidity necessary to run your business.

Why the G4 Kegs leasing program?
We’re in this for the long haul — just like you.

The G4 Kegs leasing program is unlike any other currently available. Rental and pay-per-fill models often have unfavorable terms and constricting, long-term contracts. With these programs, you often pay for the same keg many times over, without ever getting closer to actually owning it.

G4 Kegs leasing solutions were created with brewers in mind. With multiple, flexible options you’re bound to find one that fits your unique cashflow needs. Not to mention, our program is ownership-based — which means your payments count towards owning the kegs at the end of the lease. (Psst: Still not sure whether leasing is right for you? Check out our Keg Leasing 101 guide for more information.)

  • Rest easy knowing that over a keg’s 30+ year lifespan, your investment will pay for itself again and again
  • Enjoy competitively priced, transparent leasing agreements (no confusing, predatory contracts) — along with a small order minimum or 1 pallet, any size
  • Customize your options: At the 36-month mark, choose whether to return the kegs, buy them out, or extend your lease to own them after 60 months
  • Make the kegs your own with decoration options (they are yours, after all!)
  • Take advantage of the G4 promise: You get the same great service, quality, and amazing deals — including factory 2nd kegs

Get kegs now — and don’t start paying until October 11th, 2020

The G4 Kegs program offers no deposits or upfront costs whatsoever, and your first payment is deferred 90 days. What does that mean for you? You’ll be earning money on these kegs out in the market long before you ever pay a penny on them.

“Kegs are an unyielding capital expense, which can mean the difference between growing and not growing. The G4 Kegs leasing program opened up cash for other things, so we were able to do exactly what we wanted to do. Being able to order quickly and effectively to add high quality kegs to our float while saving cash early on has been key to our growth.”

 – Patrick Lively
Founder & President, Lively Beerworks

Keep the cash (and the beer) flowing.