We’re more than just a keg supplier — we help our clients grow their businesses through quality products and meaningful partnerships. Discover how we can support you beyond the keg.

Keg Lease-to-Own Program

The right kegs in the right quantities are crucial to the success of any craft beverage business — but kegs are a big investment. Our keg leasing partners offer alternatives to upfront capital by breaking up the total cost of your fleet into easy monthly payments. Keg leasing is a great way to get the kegs you need and maximize cash flow.

Spear Repair & Rebuilds

Proactive spear inspection and repair is a best practice to extend the life of your spear and save you money. Check out our replacement spears, replacement parts, and rebuilding services.

Keg Washer Rental

Purchasing a keg washer is a big decision. If you're not quite ready to take the plunge, we can help! G4 Kegs is proud to offer 36-month keg washer rentals so you can fill your cleaning needs today without the commitment.