2 gallon growler keg and its threaded sankey "D" system spear on top of a wooden table.
Person releasing pressure from a 2 gallon growler keg using the pressure release valve.

2 Gallon Growler Keg (“The Greg”)

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G4’s growler keg (Growler + Keg = “Greg”!) is our smallest keg, designed for at-home use. Its compact size and versatile design make it perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you're a member of a keg club, a homebrew enthusiast looking to experiment with small batches, or in need of kegs for special occasion rentals and tastings, this small growler keg has you covered.

The threaded spear and pressure release valve make it easy and safe to fill and clean without special equipment. It can be hooked up to draft lines, kegerators, or The ColdOne jockey box from our G4 Kegs Alliance partner, Coldbreak just like any other keg, making it a convenient and adaptable choice for all your beverage dispensing needs. Plus, if you're looking to take your favorite brew on the go, The Greg can also be filled as a portable growler.

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Diameter: 9.25"
Height: 12"
Volume:  2 Gallons / 7.57 Liters

  • Threaded Sankey “D” System Spear
  • Pressure release valve for easy at-home use
  • Available as package with threaded spear removal tool and cap
  • Embossing not available on this product