G4 pin cask on top of a wooden table.
Top view of a pin cask.

Pin Cask

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The pin cask is a versatile vessel with an ergonomic design and lightweight construction. Originally used for producing cask-conditioned beer and ales, the pin cask’s rich history has evolved with the changing brewing landscape.

Today, brewmasters and craft beer enthusiasts embrace the pin cask for experimentation, using it to infuse their brews with a wide range of unique and exciting flavor adjuncts.

The pin cask's easy-to-use and operate features make it a practical choice for both seasoned professionals and homebrewers looking to experiment with their beer creations.

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Diameter: 12"
Height: 15"
Volume:  4.5 Imperial Gallons / 17.03 Liters

  • Smaller alternative to a Firkin Cask
  • Cannot be embossed
  • Spiles, bungs, and other accessory parts not included
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