50L Keg

50L Keg

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The 50-liter keg, also known as the European barrel or import keg, offers a host of advantages for businesses and those catering to large events. Popular in European countries, particularly the UK, these kegs offer a substantial capacity of about 105 pints, making them perfect for serving large crowds.

While most 50L kegs typically do not use a standard U.S. Sankey D coupler to connect to your bar’s draft system, G4 Kegs’ 50-liter kegs are equipped with a Micro Matic “D” System (U.S. Sankey) Spear, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of draft systems. These kegs’ size and versatility and generous volume make them a popular choice for those seeking to deliver an authentic, high-quality draught experience.

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Diameter: 15.5"
Height: 21"
Volume:  13.2 Gallons / 50 Liters

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