10L Keg

10L Keg

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The 10-liter keg is one of the smaller kegs G4 offers. 10L stainless steel mini kegs are perfect for businesses looking for a compact and cost-effective solution to store and serve their beverages. This smaller keg option is not only affordable but also convenient since it is easy to store and transport.

These smaller kegs are perfect for brewing test batches on a smaller scale before committing to larger production runs. Roughly 21 pints, these kegs are also quite versatile storage solutions. Whether you're serving up beer, cider, or even wine, these kegs can accommodate a range of draft beverages, all while preserving the quality and freshness of the beverage for long periods of time.

10L kegs are also good options for other aspects of the brewing process. Their manageable size also makes them excellent for cleaning kegs to help your business streamline maintenance of your larger kegs to ensure they are in optimal condition for the next use.

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Diameter: 9.25"
Height: 15"
Volume:  2.6 Gallons / 10 Liters

  • Sankey “D” System Spear
  • Great for test batches, keg clubs, and cleaning kegs
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