Free Keg Fleet Maintenance Consultations

G4 Kegs | April 8, 2020

The health of your business is the most important thing to us — both in this current unprecedented moment and in the months and years to follow. So, we're looking for new and innovative ways to serve the craft beverage industry to ensure you're well-positioned to resume normal operations.

That's why we're offering a way to capitalize on this downtime, leverage our expertise, and learn how to get your entire fleet in top working shape — for free.

Routinely inspecting your kegs and spears ensures you get the most out of your investment. The cost to repair a keg is just a fraction of the cost of losing beer to a failed spear. Have a pile of bad kegs that no one knows what to do with? Those kegs should be in your fleet making you money.

We know the recommended inspections and proactive maintenance is difficult to do while kegs are constantly rotating through the brewery and distribution. With your keg fleet likely stationary, now is a perfect opportunity to give your kegs some TLC.

personal keg fleet maintenance consultation

Inspecting your entire keg fleet and approaching that pile of faulty kegs can be daunting, so we're offering free consultations to help you get started. G4 Keg Consultants will walk you through best practices, show you what to look for, and help determine what needs repair. Included in your free consultation is:

  • G4 Kegs' Fleet Inspection Guide
  • As many calls, emails, or video chats as it takes to get you the information you need
  • Free return shipping on all spear repairs and replacements from our certified Micro Matic repair facility.


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