G4 Kegs Lease-to-Own Program

Leasing offers alternatives to upfront capital by breaking up the total cost of your fleet into easy monthly payments.

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Your brewery is growing quickly, and your equipment needs to keep pace. You know you need more kegs to ramp up production.

Contact your keg consultant

So, you call G4 Kegs to help. Together, we’ll determine how many kegs and what sizes you need. For the purpose of this example, let’s say you’re looking for 24 1/2 BBLs and 60 1/6 BBLs.

You’re also interested in getting the kegs embossed with your brand name (great idea!), so we’ll add this decoration to your order.

G4 gives you options

This order meets the minimum leasing requirements (one pallet, any size), so you have the option to:

Purchase: Buy the kegs outright for $7,000

Lease: Lease-to-own the kegs for $242/mo (based on a 36-month lease)

With both purchase and lease orders you can take advantage of any special sale pricing and factory 2nd keg offerings. (Psst: Still not sure whether leasing is right for you? Check out our Keg Leasing 101 guide for more information.)

Have your kegs & fill them too

Don’t put yourself in a position of deciding between investing in your keg fleet or investing in the business.

Our keg leasing program offers alternatives to upfront capital by breaking up the total cost of your fleet into easy monthly payments. That means you can “have your cake and eat it too” — get the kegs you need while also maintaining the liquidity necessary to run your business. So, you decide to lease.

Grow your equity

After that, the nominal payment you make every month brings you one month closer to owning your fleet. 

This program is unique compared to rental and pay-per-fill models, where you often pay for the same keg many times over without ever getting closer to actually owning it. (Not to mention, they often have unfavorable terms and constricting, long-term contracts.)

Stay liquid

Thanks to your low, predictable monthly lease payment, you can free up the necessary cash to invest in the growth of your brewery — including your team, product, equipment, and R&D.

G4 gives you options

G4’s flexible leasing program gives you options based on your needs — with leases spanning 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.

At the end of your term, a $1 buyout entitles you to full ownership of your kegs.


Whatever option you choose, you can rest assured that over a keg’s 30+ year lifespan, your investment will pay for itself again and again — so you can get back to brewing and focus on what matters most. 

If you ever need to add more kegs to your fleet, G4’s leasing program is designed to grow right alongside you. 

“We always knew we wanted to own our kegs, because then you know where they’re going, who has them, and when they’re coming back. For us, it’s about maintaining cleaning and quality control. But cooperage is a very expensive upfront cost, so being able to work with G4 Kegs to set up a lease program was fantastic. As we grow, they’re a great partner to have because we can order what we need, get kegs quickly, the prices are great, and the lease terms are amazing.”

 – Matt Hastad
CEO & Co-Founder, Remedy Brewing Co.

Keep the cash (and the beer) flowing.