G4 Kegs Alliance

Partnership Guidelines
(the fine print)

These standards provide a detailed guideline for the G4 Kegs Alliance program. Correct application of these standards will ensure a professional and consistent representation of the G4 Kegs brand.

G4 Kegs Alliance Messaging Guidelines

Becoming a G4 Kegs Alliance partner means you are a member of a small cohort of businesses who align with G4 Kegs' values, and share our commitment to exceptional service. Our customers have come to expect nothing but the best from us, giving you the opportunity to grow credibility with this mutual partnership.

In addition to featuring the G4 Kegs Alliance badge on your marketing materials, you'll want to help customers understand what this partnership is and what it means to them. Here is some sample messaging to help you tell this story on your website and other marketing materials.

[YOUR COMPANY NAME] is a proud G4 Kegs Alliance partner. This means we have met the highest possible standards of quality and service, and are trusted by the largest independently-owned keg supplier in North America to provide preferred [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE] to the craft beverage industry. This badge is a testament to our commitment to our customers, and an indicator that you can trust us to elevate your business.

Look for the G4 Kegs Alliance badge when conducting business with any industry partner.

The G4 Kegs Alliance Badge

Only companies that are members of the G4 Kegs Alliance program can display the partner badge. If your company hasn’t earned G4 Kegs Alliance partner status, contact us to learn how to qualify.

After you join the program, you will earn the G4 Kegs Alliance partner badge. Add it to your marketing materials to show that G4 Kegs recognizes you as a trusted partner. Some examples of where to show the badge include:

  • Website
  • Social media (preferred hashtag: #G4KegsAlliance — with a capital G, K, and A)
  • Email signature
  • Marketing collateral
  • Digital and print advertising

Design Guidelines

The badge is a representation of the larger G4 Kegs brand. Proper use, including color application, is necessary to maintain an authentic brand expression.

G4 Kegs Alliance badge

This full-color badge should be used on light backgrounds that don't compete.

The full-color badge should be used on dark backgrounds that don't compete.

This black badge should be used on white backgrounds.

This white badge should be used on black backgrounds.

Minimum Clear Space

Clear space is a buffer area that is free from text or other graphic elements. It ensures legibility and visual impact by isolating the badge from competing visual elements. Determine the minimum clear space around the badge by measuring the equivalent of the width of the word “kegs.” Providing additional clear space is always acceptable.


Minimum Size

A minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the badge is not compromised in application. The badge should never be smaller than 100 pixels wide in digital environments, as shown.


Badge Misuse

Please do not alter or compromise the legibility of the badge in any way.


Do not reassign colors to the badge.


Do not stretch, compress, or alter the badge proportions.


Do not place the badge on an image.


Do not place the badge on a compromising background.

Access G4 Kegs Alliance Assets

Downloadable assets are for digital use only. Should you desire including the G4 Kegs Alliance badge on printed materials, please request the appropriate logo for the project from G4.