Current Offers and Discounts

G4 Kegs | March 18, 2020

G4 Kegs wants to make sure you get the best deal on every order. We aim to keep our prices predictable and steady, but can’t help but offer a few special deals throughout the year. Here are our current discounts and special offers:

2020 summer sale

Cash is tight for everyone right now. That’s why we’re offering our best keg price on all orders through the summer.

No need to worry about volume price breaks or other specials. This offer is $4 off our regular keg pricing and applies to orders of any size. We’re offering the following prices through September 30th:

1/2 bbl: $94

Stacking 1/2 bbl: $95

50L: $88.50

Stacking 50L: $89.50

1/4 bbl: $75.50

1/6 bbl: $64

Stacking 1/6 bbl: $65

In addition, we’re offering $1/keg embossing and $2/keg silk screening. This special is not applicable with any other discounts.

Valid: until September 30th

Everyday Veteran’s Discount

As a small thanks to those who have served our country, G4 Kegs offers $1 off per keg on orders for veteran-owned or operated businesses. Not applicable with other specials or on orders of 7+ pallets.

valid: 365 days a year

new customer embossing credit

First order with G4 Kegs? We’ll take care of embossing on your first order, up to $250. Start your fleet off right by permanently branding your kegs. Embossing is a great way to protect your investment and product.

valid on the first order for Any business, new or established, that has not yet purchased from Gopher Kegs or G4 Kegs.

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