Current Offers and Discounts

G4 Kegs | June 26, 2023

G4 Kegs wants to make sure you get the best deal on every order. We aim to keep our prices fair, predictable, and steady. Beyond that, here are a few additional ways we love to sweeten the pot.

To take advantage of them, it's simple — just mention the particular offer or discount program (listed below) in the field, Inquiry or Special Instructions when you submit a quote request.


Receive our current highest volume discount on your next order after you refer another customer to us and they make a purchase. Now, go tell all your friends!

G4 Kegs Alliance

The G4 Kegs Alliance, our referral partnership program among our growing network of product suppliers and service providers, gives you a discount on your kegs when one of our partners sends you our way.

Guilds, Associations, & Trade Shows

We support several state and regional guilds and associations with our annual membership dues and by investing in their conferences and trade shows. When we exhibit at one, we donate kegs to be given away and offer a show-specific special to attendees. See which events we'll be at.

Veterans Discount

As a small gesture of appreciation to those who've served, G4 Kegs offers $1 off per keg on orders for veteran-owned or operated businesses. *Our veterans discount is our only "stackable" promotion, meaning that we'll still apply it in addition to a maximum of any one other applicable offer.

See how much you’ll save!