Stack of G4 kegs on a loading dock.

G4 Kegs Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our kegs? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our frequently asked questions, and don’t hesitate to contact us at 1.844.464.5347.

1. What keg sizes do you stock?

We carry empty stainless steel kegs for commercial beverage use in the following sizes: 

  • Half barrel (1/2 bbl)
  • 50 liter (50L)
  • Quarter barrel (1/4 bbl)
  • Sixth barrel (1/6 bbl) or “sixtel”
  • 10 liter (10L)
  • Firkin (9 gallons / 40.91 liters)
  • Pin cask (4.5 gallons / 17.03 liters)
  • 2-gallon growler (the “Greg”)

We also offer stacking kegs for sale in the following sizes: 

  • 1/2 bbl
  • 50L
  • 1/6 bbl

2. Can our branding be added to a G4 keg?

Absolutely! G4 Kegs offers a variety of decoration options for keg branding to add your company name and/or logo to the keg. 

Custom keg decoration options include:

3. Does G4 Kegs sell used or refurbished kegs?

G4 Kegs is primarily a brand new, unused keg supplier. We occasionally carry a limited inventory of factory second, refurbished, and used kegs.

The easiest way to find out what’s currently in stock is to submit a quote request with your preference.

4. What type of spears do G4 kegs come with?

Our standard-sized kegs come with Micro Matic D-System spears. We also offer threaded spears in select sizes.

If you need a different type of spear, we can accommodate your needs with a factory-direct order. Contact your regional keg consultant for details.

5. Where are your kegs made?

G4 Kegs is an American-owned company- the country’s largest independently-owned keg supplier. Our kegs are manufactured in China and Spain to the highest quality standards, made with 304 food-grade stainless steel.

6. Where do you ship from?

G4 Kegs serves customers from coast to coast. Our headquarters warehouse is in Tualatin, Oregon (13 miles SW of Portland), and our second warehouse is in Virginia Beach, VA.

Both warehouses are owned and operated by G4 Kegs, allowing us to deliver a superior customer experience and meet the keg needs of our clients throughout the country with competitive freight rates.

7. Do you offer a product warranty?

All G4 kegs sold are backed by our 10-year, two-for-one limited replacement warranty and a two-year Micro Matic spear warranty.

8. Is there a minimum number of kegs I have to buy?

G4 Kegs does not have a minimum order requirement when purchasing kegs of any size.

9. What is keg leasing?

A keg lease is a financing option that breaks up the total cost of expanding your keg equipment into easy monthly payments. 

A keg lease is a great alternative to buying kegs for your business. Keg leasing offers flexibility when it comes to expanding your business’s brewery equipment while working with your budget. 

Learn more about our keg lease-to-own program.

10. Do you sell kegs to homebrewers?

While we love and support all enthusiasts and end-users (i.e., the consumer), we sell exclusively to commercial clients. Our warehouse operations and processes are not equipped to sell to individual consumers. 

However, we invite you to purchase personal orders of G4’s kegs from our wholesale partner, MoreBeer.

Person stacking a pony keg on top of another G4 keg.